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General Questions

Vigor storm is a new brand, it’s a prime brand than lots others in the market.

Product Type

Rambo is the hot product family of Vigor Storm, each vape can last 7000 Puffs with mesh coil. Which is also our best selling.

Ordering Products

All orders $99and over are instantly eligible for Free Shipping. You don’t have to do anything at all for this to happen.

The Others

A vape device is made up of three parts: the battery, the tank and the coil.

The battery powers the device, which heats up the coil, which takes juice from the tank and turns it into vapour. You inhale and then exhale this vapour in much the same manner as inhaling from a cigarette.

The coil itself is made from wire and cotton. It sits at the base of the tank, which is filled with your e-liquid. The juice soaks into the cotton within the coil, and when you hold down the button on the battery, the wire heats up and turns the juice on the cotton into vapour. After you’ve finished inhaling, more juice from inside the tank soaks into the cotton.

All e-liquid vapes work in this basic manner, with the differences coming in the amount of power required by the device for certain tanks and coils to run.