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01. What We Do

Provide perfect products

We are based in USA

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Grape, Strawberry Kiwi,
Cola Ice, Fruit Monster.....

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Product families

Gunnpod 2000 Puffs, 3500 Puffs
4000 Puffs (Meta), 1400 Puffs(Lite). IGET King,Bar, Legend

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Sales location in USA

Most store provide Gunnpod vapes
Tobaconist, Shisha.....

Our Vape Shop (USA)

Story of Queens Vapor

Queens Vapor was founded in 2018. This first shop was in Huntersville, NC 28078, United States.
Now, All our 4 shops are in USA. If you are willing to visit our physical shop, you are very welcome.
But, we jointed International Drop & Ship Program, our products since then, have been shipped to all round the world from 2021.
Our fulfilment centres are in Hongkong, USA, NZ...

Best vape shop

We are ambitious

When we started first shop in NC, we are working to bring our best products to all around the US then to the world.....

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