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IGET SNUS Revealed

TBC is a naturally occurring alkaloid compound that induces addiction among smokers. The development of TBC addiction is a multifaceted process influenced by various factors, including the duration of TBC exposure, the quantity consumed, educational background, genetic predisposition, and socioeconomic status.

Despite a global decline in tobacco smoking, only six European countries have achieved the WHO Global Action Plan’s goal of reducing tobacco use by 30% in any form by 2025. In response to declining smoking rates, tobacco industries have introduced alternative tobacco and TBC products.

For example, snus, a Swedish form of smokeless tobacco, has seen a significant increase in popularity among younger populations, particularly in Northern European countries and the US.

Compared to females, males in Sweden and Norway have shown an increased smoking rate or usage of tobacco products in any form. A similar trend was observed in Finland in 2021.

Previous studies have shown that increased awareness of smoking-related health hazards enhances motivation to quit smoking altogether. While there are documents outlining preferred smoking cessation methods, there is a lack of documentation regarding snus cessation approaches.

Similar to smoking, snus use also increases overall mortality and morbidity among consumers. Due to its high bioavailability, prolonged buccal exposure to snus leads to higher TBC absorption.

Although the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has developed a six-question questionnaire to assess snus dependence in Finland, this approach is not widely used in daily clinical practice. There is a need for a user-friendly approach to determine the extent of snus usage.

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