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CROWN BAR by Al Fakher

Established in 1999, a shisha manufacturer -AL FAKHER rooted in a commitment to quality emerged onto the scene. Currently, their influence spans over 100 countries, earning the trust and loyalty of shisha enthusiasts globally.

With an unwavering dedication to product quality, the company actively seeks fresh and captivating ways to engage their customers. Their forward momentum is sustained by a steadfast commitment to maintaining quality, ensuring consistency, and innovating delightful shisha experiences.

Beyond the realm of business, the company harbors a mission to unite the worldwide community of shisha lovers by generously sharing their profound passion and deep affection for all things shisha.

This narrative, however, only marks the inception of their remarkable journey. The company anticipates continued growth and endeavors to elevate the global shisha experience to new heights.

Al Fakher has launched in Sydney / Melbourne / Perth / Brisbane

All orders to above cities will only take 3 days.

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